A Dash of Paradise and A Touch of Heaven

Every few weeks I find myself speaking the famous phrase we all wish would come true more often, “I could really use a massage today.” However, as frequently as I would like a massage is not comparable to the number of times I actually go out and receive one. The benefits of hands on massage therapy reach everything from stress relief to soothing muscle pain to helping you live a healthier, energetic lifestyle overall. When I first walked up the steps to A Touch of Heaven Day Spa's secret garden massage tables I thought I had died and went to heaven. Though when my one hour Sweet Thai massage was said and done, I had never felt more alive and rejuvenated. Sweet Thai is a type of massage invented by the owner, Sana Hernandez, which combines traditional deep tissue Swedish methods with the art of Eastern Thai healing methods.

No matter which of the several rooms your massage takes place in at A Touch of Heaven, you enter through a sensational garden scene within the beautiful Metropole Marketplace that is grown and maintained by Sana herself. As your treatment of choice is taking place, you exist in a world of tranquility and relief. All of the massage therapists on staff are certified in virtually every type of treatment you could think of, including Acupressure, both Swedish and Thai massage, and healing energy Reiki. There were even a select few I had never even heard of previous to my experience, such as LaStone Therapy, involving alternate placement of heated and frozen stones to provoke both relaxing and re-energizing sensations in the body.

A Touch of Heaven’s most popular package is the couples massage, which takes place in an open space room either in the elegant rooftop garden space or down in the expansive, soothing floor level rooms. The spa also holds group healing classes with an array of different types of corporate business retreats, family gatherings, or wedding party celebrations. This experience is an entity of it’s own, and a rather unique way to enjoy the company of friends and family. The secret garden patio area provides an escape within a getaway in the already glorious destination of Catalina Island.

Aside from one of the most soothing experiences on the Island, the spa provides informed suggestions on specific organic massage oils that are most accommodating to your body. The staff truly understands the most holistic solutions to suit your lifestyle and keep your aches away. Their expert opinions are so helpful, Sana once eliminated a man’s breathing problems to the point he no longer needed his oxygen tank to help him. A Touch of Heaven presents more than simply the opportunity for pain relief, but provides a comfortable, replenishing healing experience for both your mind and your body.