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Background: For SF Design Week, Beyond hosted a panel about moving from D&I discussions into action. Our team locked down panelist, executed the title, talk track, promo materials, and made a stellar recap piece.
The ask: Establish a narrative, talk track for panelists, and create promo materials to share how we, as designers can empower more communities in the fight for equity and inclusion.

Video Recap:


Medium Post:

Read the full article, written in collaboration with Beyond CCO Karyn Pascoe. But first, enjoy the intro.

“Sometimes Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) gets conflated with a list of boxes to check and quotas to meet. And the numbers matter, but so do the people behind those numbers. For SF Design Week, Beyond hosted a panel to learn from industry leaders about how we can create more equity in our communities through design. During this talk, we heard personal stories from leaders living their values around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I). We talked about their challenges, their triumphs, and what actions we can all take to move from inspiration to sustained action on the DE&I front.

These are our takeaways.

#1 — The team should reflect the audience.”


Event Tweets from Beyond’s Twitter: