Catalina's Original Boardshop, Island Skate Culture

For generations, California skateboarders have been developing new moves and new styles within a proud culture that has remained steady throughout. Just before the turn of the century, these skateboarders would ride through Catalina sharing this culture and growing their abilities together. A particular set of kids came to be known as the "Catalina Skate Crew", but despite the increase of skate culture on the Island, there were still no stores available to buy all their favorite skate brands. Enter 1998, and CSC Boardshop is born.

CSC Boardshop is the first of its kind to bring the best skate culture brands across the Pacific to Avalon. After several location switches, CSC has been living comfortably along Crescent Ave. in between Metropole and Whitley since about 2006. The selection of men's and women's action sport clothing still remains right on top with the best brands and the coolest styles. They supply select brands that have been around and grown alongside the skate culture since the 90's, such as Volcom, and brands who have impacted the growth in recent culture as well, such as RVCA, Brixton, and Roark. I personally am going back after pay day to pick up a handful of swag hats and maybe even a bathing suit (not that I need another one).  CSC Boardshop has understood the style that fits the culture of skating across not only Catalina, but California as a whole, since they brought the culture to the Island nearly twenty years ago. The spirit of companionship and culture that Catalina Skate Crew originally brought to this Island still lives on every day through CSC Boardshop.