Segway, Way up the Catalina Island Outback in this Extreme Excursion

You know how every kid wants to grow up to be a robot super spy? Well, maybe that was just me, and maybe I still could do it too. Or maybe I’ve found a way to, at the very least, feel like a robot super spy. Catalina Segways has the helmet, the machine and the speed to help you experience the most unique Island tour around, and feel like a robot super spy in the process. My family and I took a trip on the off road tour up the rugged, virtually unknown outback trails behind the golf course. After about twenty minutes of training down in the Balboa Pavilion with Chris, our tour guide and Segway master, we were ready to navigate safely and joyfully. With top speeds of 13 mph, we robocopped our way up the road to the conservancy where the trail started.

I believe my aunt said it best when she said, “I don’t think many people can say that they segwayed up a hiking trail.” And that is exactly what we did, with the beefy tires and stability of the segway on our side, we trekked our way up the canyon to a beautiful overhead view of the Avalon Bay. As a lifetime Catalina local, Chris had a new and interesting story to tell with every uphill battle we faced. Although it was never much of a battle because the segway made it easy and painless. He also made sure our group was safe throughout the tour with every tight turn and bulging rock that came about. This off road tour was absolutely a blast, and we took the less extreme path. There is an XTreme off road tour as well, but we wanted to take it a little easy. Although, once we quickly learned how good of a time the less extreme trail was, we all agreed we could have probably handled the XTreme trail as well, but we’re saving that for the next time we ride along with Catalina Segway.