Mini Golf, Mini Cousins, Massive Catalina Fun

A quick getaway to Catalina Island can always be packed with activities and memories for every age. It is a small town with a large potential for fun, and that fun doesn’t stop short in a small golf course either. Golf Gardens in Avalon has remained my most favorable miniature golf course since the day I putt my first ever hole-in-one as a kid on hole seventeen. Fifteen years later, I now create new mini golf memories with my little cousins, meanwhile I still golf like I did as a toddler. My skill level hasn’t changed, but neither has my love for the most creative mini golf course I’ve ever played. Each hole is as tricky and as cleverly placed as the last. The obstacles are all extremely genuine and present a new twist with every turn. All eighteen holes are a blast to attempt a triumphant conquering of your peers and family members. And let’s not forget, an ultimate chance for bragging rights.

For me, and for most I’ve seen, the toughest, most entertaining hole has got to be number 7. The twisted maze of green deceives the eyes of all ages, because everyone knows exactly where they should aim, though the ball rarely nails the sweet spot on the angled cement. More often than not, and when I say more often I am referring to the adults who think they’ve got it in the bag, the ball will miss the angle, hit the curb and roll right back to the start. Then, my snarky little cousins get up there and whack away without a single step of strategy, and hit that same sweet spot which their mother and I cannot hit for the life of us. Now, don’t be fooled by my frustration, I am just a tad competitive (yes just a tad now get off my back). Anyway, don’t be fooled because I have just about mastered the other seventeen clever greens at Golf Gardens, I’m sure of it. Although there was that time my girlfriend beat me over Fourth of July weekend, but that’s beside the point.

The miniature golf course at Golf Gardens provides the ultimate activity for family fun, competitive friends or even a relaxing date night. When it comes to Golf Gardens, age really is just a number, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve mastered Pebble Beach or are just taking your first swing at it. I say give it a try for your first, fifth, or even twentieth time; I just went for my twenty-second time and I still get as big of a thrill out of it as that first hole-in-one. Try it out and you could hit your first hole-in-one too! Now I can’t guarantee that, but I will guarantee a wonderful experience and memories for all.