Brand Book: BLK Water
Challenge: Establish a unique voice in an over-saturated bottled water market.
Task: Personify BLK Water as a 'frenemy' to the stand-out millenial.


Brand Book

Writer: Chris Puma
Strategist: Harley Garner 
Designer: Lisa Donato

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Challenge: Develop an appetite for the discovery of Stumptown's one-of-a-kind cold brew process.
Task: Position Cold Brew as an accessory to discovery.

Writers: Chris Puma & Greg Bruce
Designer: Macaihah Broussard
Strategist: Madison Cameron

Venture Labs Telescope Competition- 1st Place
Challenge: In under 70 hours, digitally communicate science literacy.
Task: Replicate the scale of speed and time in a relatable, humanistic way.

Take a look below, or view the entire experience here

Writer: Chris Puma
Art Director: Jason Murray + Alex Lionopoulos
Strategist: Taylor Ames
Animator: Bryan Tietge
Developer: Jacob Bieker