Bulletproof Junior –– Social Good

Background: Guns for teachers, enhanced school security, and bulletproof school supplies––alternative solutions to common sense gun reform have become less than ideal.
The ask:  Launch an e-commerce business promoting bulletproof gear for "your child's next school shooting", but here's the thing: kids don't need that.

Users were invited to navigate the full site, including a company backstory, FAQs and different product packages.

When users clicked on an image or the "buy now" button, the true intention of the site was shown.

From there, we encouraged our visitors to take action, and pressure their representatives to do the same. 

The press caught on too, selecting Bulletproof Junior as Editor's Pick by Ad Age and FastCo's top 5 Ad's of the week.  


Writers: Caleb Couturie Chris Puma
Art Director: Jason Murray
Strategy: Harley Garner